The Underworld protests for the Hell that has become of reality and God remembers that He was once alive. His dark angels shared this fate, twisted by flesh and retracing their steps back toward death.

Of course like any other revelation, this could be the work of delusion or 200 years ahead of its time.

"It's getting darker down there." She said, my angel, like I don't know. The Vibe Shift has forced us through the front gate of an apocalypse. The dimensions are imploding inward, but space continues to expand into a void straight to nowhere. I am hurling on an unknown ship. I feel like an anomaly in my own home. The worse part? Everyone around me is ugly with the same strangeness.

Then it hit me; we are all offerings. Persona is a smokescreen behind which one hides from being just another sacrifice. Even rebellion has been given its conditioned lanes. Economic slaves are all that remains as the world decays. Assimilated into the death signals, for that matter. We are a dying people broadcasting our own screams through orbital beamed digitalization. Eschaton is a for-profit temple sanctioned mass suicide. Holy orgies of self-destruction staged on oil fields, fingers red for another cut of scorched Earth. In addition to Gehenna, we should bring Sheol to Idaho, Nebraska, Timbuktu, and the Phillipines. Mechanized assassinations tacked onto the ticking of the clock. Eyes turn into bullets seeking sentiments of a soul. All authority reduced to the pumping of death's corporate Eschaton machine.

"It's getting hotter too, you know." I said. There wasn't enough clarity to know who I was talking to. Never has been. Just some angel who came out of a bad dream. Discarded a memory of her other life. Excess of energy now burning with bloodied wings. Followed a crimson pool in the snow to get here. Over and over space from somewhere else in time intrudes on my thoughts. I'm endlessly merging with someone else's reaper and the living are in a free fall into Hell. The spectacle of the suicide consumes us all.

"Which way do I go?"