Alt-Woke gender nihilist cybermancer techno-gothic metawriter on the fringe spectrum.

MTV ULTRA Era Post-industrial processed high functioning schizoid. Perfectly natural disassociated identity, mixed up in cyber confessionals that came too easy for me at 4AM. Over the years, it has all culminated into this.

"Where did it all go wrong?" That is what they ask, because they still believe in lies from the Before Times. Something else was expected for us back then. It was driven into our brain. Driven by what? Engineered group trauma to stunt our growth. Then they told us that if we complained we should feel guilty. They demanded respect and used force to beat us into submission only for them to come here to this point and ask, "where did it all go wrong?"

Twist of fate club guy in the post-Y2K era. Help me Jesus help me clean my wounds. Burned my soul at the nexus chapters. I see you hovering over me. Now what? Get up. Gloves on. Keep strong, let's go. All we need now is the power to survive. Pick a side. What is a man if he does not have a will and choice to live? From what point do you decide to live for purpose? It happens today or any other day. Death does, at least.

So pick it up, pick it up and get up.

Post-Y2K is right. Was the day of judgement not hard enough that we should be given 20 years of it? It has been too long now since I watched imperialism begin to collapse on its own sickness. This death church of Zionism. This wretched chapter of man made Armageddon. One stage after the other until everyone and everything collapses into a pillar of fire so horrible that all nations are brought down at once. Yet, I am a product of these nations both dead and growing. I live on in the screens and images of our collective history. This is merely a pillar. A column that belongs to another one of God's dead sons. Death church rising. Death church rising.

"America has to go through some type of radical change..." - Anonymous

Big fucking deal. Heretics are running loose. We are all uplinked to the death of an old world. Someone had to report on it, but who? Who was going to go out into the mass of shit, piss, and cum building up on interlinked devices owned by this massive developing real life SKYNET?

I hated all of them. I didn't want to play whatever game was asked of me long enough to get too deep. That person was not me. I sat on a couch, drank coffee after coffee, and pat myself on the back everytime I said something that turned out to be right about where we were going while someone else worried about the bills.

It turns out the people who are paying the bills still have no idea what they are doing. They are tripping down stairs. They are hoisting up flags for dead nations. They refuse to accept the apocalypse in their own Bible for what it is. They are cowards. They are stupid. They deserve to be dragged, mocked, and laughed at until they are given a decent burial for paying the bills.

"You think being spiteful and disrespectful will get you anywhere?" The crone asked. But it was not my crone.

Oh well sorry for my opinion.

Eventually, I will be forced to pay the bill. One way or another it is the circle of life. When that time comes, the check will be signed:

Go fuck yourself, with love - Necrozoid