There is a future in the Lunar Commonwealth of Winona. Everyone wants to go there because it is chill and people have cool names like Buzz Burger and Johnny Cat. What I like most about the Lunar Commonwealth of Winona is that it is not on fire nor under the sea. It is perfectly placed in a location to prevent all flooding.

In America, there is no future in the South, especially not for women. There is no future in the midwest, no no. As hundreds of thousands become millions, where will the displaced migrate to? They told me to stop doomscrolling, but the ashes of Canada can be seen as far as Nashville. There is no future in Canada, no no. There is no future for grown ass men anywhere in North America. There is no future for transgender teens.

But could there be a future for us in the Lunar Commonwealth of Winona? Absolutely. Experts will tell you that Winona is forever.

"It was like a chaos insurgency just opened up on our doorstep." One librarian said about our cause. "We did not know what to think. Were they trolling? This isn't the ordinary far-right's style, but they're too hypernihilistic to be good-standing liberals."

Good-standing liberals, get a load of this! On the Lunar Commonwealth of Winona, everyone will be able to find God through 8-dimensional image transmission feedback loops jacked into holographic AI replicants of Timothy Leary, Philip K. Dick, and Ralph Waldo Emerson (just to name a few) to guide us into the higher echelons of exe.

Honestly, I can't wait to be a computer program. You know I always found it ironic that Ralph Waldo Emerson lived with his mom well into his thirties. On the Lunar Commonwealth you can live with your mom for as long as you want. Moon mothers will be available for all. Praise God!

I'm a weather they/them, and I say build a new Mayflower to take us to the Moon!